Green hydrogen: the first global assembly and exhibition is coming up


The Green Hydrogen Organisation (GHO) announces a major event co-organized with the Spanish government. Indeed, it unveils the first ever global assembly and exhibition of green hydrogen via a press release. The latter will be held in Barcelona on 17 and 18 May 2022.

A showcase for the future of green hydrogen

This meeting comes “at a critical time in history” according to the GHO. In her statements, she says that “energy security is more important than ever” and highlights the recent IPCC report. Published in February, it indicated that global warming could reach 2.7°C by the end of the century.

In line with this warning, the Green Hydrogen Organization is preparing the showcase of its decarbonized fuel. According to their statement, the Catalan land will observe “important announcements.” Significant agreements “to advance green energy security in Europe and beyond” would be reached.

For the occasion, the Minister of Ecological Transition of Spain, Teresa Ribera will be present. GHO President and former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will also participate in the organization. Many foreign government representatives and CEOs of energy companies, both Spanish and foreign, will be on hand.

Green hydrogen linked to the news

If the climate emergency helps to promote this fuel, more concrete events are weighing in the balance. The Green Hydrogen Organization highlights the energy independence brought by green hydrogen. A fact that is mixed with the“horrors of the Ukrainian crisis” which is undermining the energy security of Europe in particular.

The “threats of cutting off gas supply” mark a Russian dependence. The latter is put forward by the European desire to “stop oil imports from Russia.” Favoring this energy would be, in their view, a solution “for energy security” and “for the transition to cleaner energy.”

As a reminder, significant energy resources are required to produce green hydrogen, obtained by electrolysis of water from decarbonized electricity. In addition, the vast majority of the “renewable electricity initially generated is gone” after electrolysis, about 70% according to H2 Mobile. This first world exhibition of green hydrogen could therefore be an opportunity to achieve greater efficiency.

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