The hydrogen sector is interested in French SMEs


The respective presidents met at the HyVolution exhibition in Paris. Philippe Boucly (France Hydrogen) and Alain Di Crescenzo (Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) France) have signed a partnership agreement, according to a press release. The goal of this alliance is to promote hydrogen to SMEs.

Hydrogen, a strategic energy supported by the government

Issued by France Hydrogène, the press release explains that they “are joining forces in order to propose concrete joint actions to SMEs and SMIs aimed at stimulating and structuring the hydrogen sector.” Through this desire, the two entities seek to make this fuel more accessible. However, it is not specified whether or not green hydrogen will be favored in these approaches.

During their meeting, the presidents agreed on three objectives to be implemented with SMEs. For example, they want to link

“SMEs and the local economic fabric in the development of the hydrogen industry.” To do this, they intend to “identify and bring to the attention of public authorities the needs of SMEs in terms of the deployment of hydrogen uses.”

As a reminder, Emmanuel Macron recalled his line of development linked to the hydrogen sector a few months ago. This initiative is included in its investment plan “France 2030” to the tune of 7 billion euros. Finally, the association also wishes to “find a growth relay and/or useful solutions” for the targeted actors.

A sector open to SMEs

In their speeches, the different parties seemed to want to take advantage of the innovations and development of hydrogen to facilitate access to SMEs. To achieve this, the alliance of France Hydrogen with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry will allow them to “multiply” their actions. Philippe Boucly explains in particular that these aim to “raise awareness among companies, and in particular VSEs and SMEs, of the possible uses of hydrogen, the challenges and opportunities of the sector.”

France Hydrogène brings together more than 400 actors linked to the French hydrogen industry. The fuel can be used to power road vehicles or hybrid electric and hydrogen trains (Regiolis H2). In April 2020, the SME Strategy website already stated that the interest was

“growing with more than 300 requests for hydrogen buses on the French market.

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